Services Offered

Drafting of contracts and policies

➢ commercial contracts
➢ contracts of employmentand policies
➢ service level agreements
➢ addendum agreements
➢ Memorandum of understanding
➢ lease agreements
➢ ante nuptial contracts and
➢ other general contracts.

More Services

Company Law

➢ Company Registration
➢ Drafting Memorandum of Incorporation
➢ Change of Directorship

➢ Drafting legal opinion on Compliance with the Competition Act
➢ Mergers and Acquisitions
➢ Abuse of Dominance
➢ Cartels

➢ Motor vehicle collusion
➢ Insurance claims
➢ Consumer rights claims
➢ Evictions
➢ Delictual matters
➢ Rescission of Judgments
➢ Application for Administration orders
➢ Default judgments
➢ Other general civil matters

➢ Contested and uncontested Divorce
➢ Access to minor children (Custody)
➢ Maintenance

➢ Road Accident Fund matters (for loss of support in case of the death of a bread winner or bodily injuries sustained due to the motor vehicle accidents).
➢ Provident fund claims
➢ Compensation fund claims 

➢ Medical negligence claims
➢ Injuries sustained while on duty and executing your duties.

➢ Unfair dismissals
➢ CCMA or Bargaining Councils Arbitration
➢ Appearances in court or any high court with similar status.

➢ Commercial collection
➢ Legal collection
➢ Medical collection
➢ Student loan debts
➢ Debt collection litigation

➢ Bad credit listing
➢ Remove credit reporting errors
➢ Litigation for money damages due to loss of credit opportunities, loss of employment, job opportunities etc.

➢ Administration of deceased estates (testate and intestate)
➢ Drafting of wills
➢ Registration of trusts

➢ 24/7 bail application
➢ Criminal litigation

➢ Application for permits and citizenship
➢ Asylum and refugee status application

➢ Draft and prepare bills for taxation
➢ Attend and/or oppose taxation

Billing Policy & Fee Structure

Our fee structure and disbursements always depend on the number of consultation held, court appearances, preparations for trials, drafting of documents, sheriff fees, travelling expenses, telephone calls (if applicable) and copies. And other incidental costs if applicable. It is envisaged that once we have received a mandate we will communicate with our client regarding fee which is negotiable on a case by case basis.


We are operating in a competitive environment and we aim towards efficiently, professionalism and competency as we appreciate that time is of essence. We adhere strictly to deadlines. Our exposure and use of modern technology makes it possible for us to render quality services to our clients at their earliest convenience.